Heartbeats 4 Heart Kids Challenge

Challenge yourself in May 2023 to raise your heart rate, and help raise funds to support our Heart Kids.

Raise your heart rate for Heart Kids

The more you sweat, the more they get!

The Heartbeats 4 Heart Kids Challenge is an activity-based fundraiser to support HeartKids children and families across the country. Participate in any or all of the 3 fitness activities and your distances are calculated to earn points and get your name atop the leaderboard.

We want you to get fit, increase your heart health and have fun along the way. You can do whatever gets your heartbeat racing - that could be running, swimming, walking, dancing, yoga or even housework! We don’t care what you do, as long as it is trackable… All you need to do is move.

Setting up a challenge and a goal for yourself or a team is easy:

  • Begin or continue your fitness journey to help your body, heart, mind and social conscious
  • Get your family, friends, or work colleagues together as a challenge and have fun along the way
  • Inspire yourself to go beyond your own expectations and reach harder

For every kilometre of activity completed in May 2023, you earn points. Every dollar amount raised earns even more points!

People’s motivation to challenge themselves physically can be linked to many things, but being able to use your body in a way that others will never have the opportunity to, is one of the strongest.

So raise your heartbeat for Heart Kids. It's simple - the more YOU sweat the more THEY can get!

Help support us, so we can support them

Eight babies are born with congenital heart disease every day in Australia.

HeartKids is the only national charity that supports affected families. 

Demand for our assistance is growing every year. In the past 12 months alone, we have provided the following support to children diagnosed with congenital heart disease and their families:

  • 1,700 calls made to check-in on our families
  • 876 families supported in hospital
  • 218 families provided financial assistance
  • 1,400 face-to-face support occasions
  • 5000 Heart Beads distributed to families to commemorate their child’s journey

We need your help so we can support Heart Kids throughout their journey.

  • $20 provides meal support for a rural family while staying in hospital for their child’s care
  • $50 helps our team to provide the necessary support and care to families during their hospital stay
  • $100 helps subsidise families financially for a week through what can be some of their hardest times.

Are you up for the challenge? Think you can raise your heartbeat and raise funds while you are at it?

    Join the Challenger – How it works

    Sign up

    Complete your profile and join your team

    Register here!

    Set a goal

    Set a fundraising and distance goal

    Fundraising Tools

    Link your Fitness App

    Get an account and connect Strava, Fitbit or Map My Fitness to your profile page in your dashboard

    Link fitness app

    Walk, Run, or Cycle

    Record any of these distance-based activities from 1-31 May 2023

    Earn Points

    All of your activity is equalised within a points system

    Equalisation System





    $48,213 raised

    $200,000 Goal

    $48,213 raised

    $200,000 Goal

    Rebecca Ghosn


    Brendan Jamou




    Christian Penshorn




    Dan Walker




    Noah Strach




    Alex Bezzina


    What next?

    Once you have  joined a team, signed up, paid your registration, set up your fitness and fundraising goals and page- you will be ready to start fundraising for your your fitness journey and your support for HeartKids. You can track your activity manually or through your fitness app to measure the impact you are making both to your health and for your support for HeartKids. 

    Points Equalisation System

    The points equalisation system allows anyone to compete against each other regardless of the activity you choose to do.

    Walking KM's = Running KM’s = Cycling KM’s

    Don’t worry if you aren’t too active yet as your fundraising dollars earn points too!

    The winner of the Challenge is based on the equalised points – whoever earns the most points in May wins!

    Activity Distance Points Earned
    Walking 1 km 15 pts
    Running 1 km 8 pts
    Cycling 1 km 3 pts
    Fundraising $1 2 pts

    Where does the money go?

    HeartKids leaves a real and lasting impact on the Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) community.

    They seek to give every child, teenager, and adult in Australia with congenital or childhood acquired heart disease a fighting chance to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

    Their support is a commitment for life because there is no known cure. People with congenital heart disease face unique challenges for their entire life.

    HeartKids is the only Australian charity to:

    • Support, inform and educate families throughout their whole CHD journey; AND
    • Advocate for the needs of all people impacted by CHD; AND
    • Drive funding to unite researchers, clinicians, heart kids, families and communities through world-leading research and action programs; AND 
    • Harness the passion of the CHD community for greater impact.
    • Every child, teenager, and adult in Australia with congenital or childhood acquired heart disease has a fighting chance to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

    Learn More About The Cause

    Get motivated!

    We know how hard it is to stay motivated, so throughout your journey we will be sending you tips  on how to get inspired and keep moving. There will be stories from our Cardiologists on why heart health is so important and stories from our kids who have been through tougher things than you have ever imagined. The road to helping your body, heart and mind keep active isn’t an easy one, but like our heart kids who know the journey can be tough, there is reward at the end.

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