Fundraising ideas to support our HeartKids.

Become familiar with your fundraising dashboard that will help you to track your progress and donations and send emails to ask for donations and thank donors. 

Your dashboard will also help you to adjust any of your account details and activity and fundraising targets. Watch this quick tutorial below to get started.

Establish a fundraising goal - Set yourself a fitness and fundraising goal you can be proud of and that is a bit of challenge for you. Don’t forget to tell everyone all about it!

Make a donation to yourself - Kick off your fundraising by making your own donation. This shows potential donors you are committed to reaching your goal and sets a positive tone for your fundraising effort.

Make donating easy! - Pass on a link to your profile page as often, and to as many people, as you can. You can share to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Email straight from your Fundraising profile page!

Improve your online profile - Don’t underestimate the importance of having a good online profile page. Ensure you mention your connection to the charity partners and why the cause is important to you.

Educate people about where the money will go - Communicating about HeartKids programs and stories is always
very powerful.

Remind people that donations are tax deductible - All donations over $2 are tax
deductible so don’t forget to remind your potential donors about this benefit.

Say Thank You - Never forget the importance of thanking your donors. You can do this straight from your fundraising dashboard, give them a shout on social media or send them a text or email to show your appreciation.

Help support us, so we can support them.

Eight babies are born with congenital heart disease every day in Australia.

HeartKids is the only national charity that supports affected families.

We need your help so we can support HeartKids throughout their journey.

  • $20 provides meal support for a rural family while staying in hospital for their child’s care
  • $50 helps our team to provide the necessary support and care to families during their hospital stay
  • $100 helps subsidise families financially for a week through what can be some of their hardest times.

Are you up for the challenge? Think you can raise your heartbeat and raise funds while you are at it?